Should I Send My Money to this Go Freelance?

I am a writer that receives your WritersWeekly newsletter. Thank you for being so on top of these fake jobs, and menial rewards for writers. I enjoy reading your comments.

I was wondering if you have ever heard of a company called “Go Freelance”, which posts jobs for freelancers, as well as other jobs. It’s $2.95 a month subscription charge with the supposed option of dropping the subscription at any time. If you have, I would appreciate your response.

I’m so glad you wrote!

Go Freelance was previously known as Freelance Work Exchange. There are plenty of complaints about them online. Here are a few:!&q5=Freelance+Work+Exchange+
(lots on that page)

In addition, according to the Better Business Bureau, they have not responded to 46 separate complaints forwarded by the BBB! See:

It’s always good to do your homework when trying to determine where to send your business. One trick I use is to google a company’s name twice – once with the word scam and once with the word complaint.

For example, I first googled: “Go Freelance” complaint

That quickly led me a post stating Go Freelance is the new name for Freelance Work Exchange. I then googled: “Freelance Work Exchange” complaint

That led me to the other links above. There are more. I just posted a few.