Should I Send Money to This Website for Writers?

I wanted a work at home job so I signed up for a work at home site. I got an email saying is a legitimate site. I have not paid anything yet. I’m very skeptical because they are wanting 2.95 to ship a cd, then after seven days 40 dollars or something like that monthly. I was wondering if you know if this is a scam or not?

At, we feature original paying markets and links to new job listings for free each Wednesday. We also offer a free ebook, How to Be a Freelance Writer.

You should never pay a company for information you can likely obtain for free (and that another company just might be recycling from other websites). I’m not saying this firm in particular does…but a lot of them do.

There are complaints posted about online. See:


Using your favorite search engine, you should always search the name of a company with a word like “complaint” before doing business with them. Using the word “scam” in the search engines also helps.