Should I Reformat My Book Based On The Comments Of One Reader? No!

Hello Booklocker family,

Here’s a message I received via email today:

“I’m still absorbing your book and all its resources – my only real comment is that I’d like it in a smaller format with more pages – this is hard for me to use.”

That reader is a magazine editor who sees perfectly well with glasses. She’s been reading the book for about 2 months. I’m kinda stunned at her remark, as the publication is a WORKBOOK with fill-in-the-blanks material.

I suppose I could do a Facebook and/or blog survey about the issue. But first I want to know what Booklocker has to say about reader reactions and YOUR gut instincts as publishing pros.

I would never suggest paying a POD publisher to make changes to your book based on the comments from one person who has been reading your book for two whole months. This is so bizarre to me that I just can’t wrap my head around it.

I definitely would also not suggest bugging your fans by asking them about something so silly based on one person’s comment that, again, makes no sense since she’s been reading the book for two months. Some people like to criticize others just because they can. This clearly isn’t a constructive comment and her thoughts are obviously not shared by your readers because nobody else has ever mentioned anything like this.

You can’t please everyone and leaping through hoops to please one overly-critical person wastes time and costs money.


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