Should I Pay to Have My Book Reviewed? NO!!!

I received an e-mail from Get Book suggesting I go with them to receive a book review. Do you know anything about them and if so what? Any advice?


Never pay to have your book reviewed. Doing so can ruin your reputation because, if anyone finds out you paid for it, they will, naturally, assume the review is biased. There’s an entire industry of fee-based book review services now and they’re doing a disservice to authors’ wallets as well as to potential readers, who assume book reviewers are paid by the publication they’re writing for…not by the authors or publishers of the books.

If you think about it, readers may assume an author who pays to have their book reviewed may not hesitate to also have a friend write a fake review under a false name…or just write a fake review themselves. You can see how this type of deception for readers can destroy a reputation.

Thank you for sharing the email you received from that firm. Unsolicited email of a marketing nature is spam. You should never do business with spammers, especially ones that claim they know how to promote others online…while spamming to promote themselves.