“Should I pay for a $300 book review that ‘guarantees sales?'” NO!!!

“Should I pay for a $300 book review that ‘guarantees sales?'” NO!!!

Q – 

A company found my book for sale online and contacted me, offering $300 to review my book, “guaranteed sales,” and submission of my book to contests across the country. Is this a good deal?


A –

AVOID AVOID AVOID! Bottom feeders look for “new books” on Amazon, google the authors, and find their contact info. online. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll never get your $300 back. If they must resort to spam or telemarketing to sell their services to you, they suck at marketing.

And, think about it…how can they “guarantee sales?” They can’t.  When you go back some day asking for your refund, they’ll be long gone.

That’s just another sign that it’s a scam. Finally, if they’re going to submit your book to contests, they’ll probably want YOU to pay THEM to print those copies. That means they’re going to try to get you to pay them to republish your book all over again. This entire “deal” reeks. Avoid ALL firms that spam or call you after your book is published.




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