Should I Buy a List of Email Addresses

Dear Ms. Hoy,

Once I get an e-mag together, I still need to get a list, a starting point to get it out there. There’s so much to choose from and not knowing what is good or not makes it very difficult. Do you have any suggestions?


I assume you’re talking about buying a list of email addresses? Please don’t do that. Most of those lists are lists of people who never authorized their emails to be sold. And, even if they had, emailing them about your book is still spam because they didn’t request specific emails about your specific book.

You’ll need to start from scratch in building your own list. Sending out spam will destroy your reputation (and may result in you losing your website and ISP account). I offer a free ebook for new WritersWeekly subscribers, which is always a good way to bring in new readers.

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