Should I Bid for Writing Work Online?


Can you tell me anything about (a new freelancer’s bid-for-work site)?

(Another bid site)’s fees are adding up to way more than I’m happy about so I’m trying to find some other freelance writing job sites. Tried yet another one, and they do have a free level, but you can’t bid on any decent jobs unless you pay for the higher levels (sneaky!). I also tried (another bid-for-work site) and it’s sickening how little the clients there are offering. Plus, every time I was on that site I got flooded with spam.


I don’t recommend writers use those bid-for-pennies websites. Why fight other writers for jobs that pay insulting rates? These types of sites only contribute to the incorrect perception that freelance writers aren’t worth paying a decent wage.

One of the sites you referenced in your letter says:
“40% to 80% cheaper than traditional workers.”

That right there tells me how much they value freelancers.

In my opinion, they don’t.

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