Should authors send free books to school superintendents for future bulk sales?

Should authors send free books to school superintendents for future bulk sales?

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Hi Angela,

I’ve just ordered 150 copies of (my book). My plan is to start sending out copies to school system superintendents to hopefully generate bulk sales. Your thoughts?



That’s a great idea but I strongly suggest doing research into each school district, and target the folks who are doing the actual buying for the schools. In some cases, it might be a school district member. In other cases, it could be the school librarians.

I definitely do not recommend blindly sending copies to folks who may be uninvolved with purchases. That would be a huge waste of your time and money.

Also, be sure to include a letter with each package (addressed to that specific individual – no form letters!) that introduces you, explains why you wrote the book, has a short description of the book, and information on where the school district can purchase more copies. Creating a personal connection (between the potential buyer and you) in your marketing materials will sell far more copies than just sending them a book description and a copy of the book.


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One Response to "Should authors send free books to school superintendents for future bulk sales?"

  1. Linda G  September 16, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    Hehehhe the only way they will do that is if the books are being sold for the school itself, for a programme or etc.

    Not a good promotional gimmick.