Q – “i keep sending out queries but nobody responds what am i doing wrong” (sic, sic, sic…)

Q – “i keep sending out queries but nobody responds what am i doing wrong” (sic, sic, sic…)

angela i keep sending out queries to magazines but nobody response to me and i dont know why can u look at me emails and tell me whats wrong

A –

I receive countless queries every single day that look like this one. They contain:

1. No (or little) punctuation
2. No capitalization
3. Misspelled words and bad grammar

I don’t know how any writer can claim to be a serious writer when presenting their “work” in this way. Many young people use texting shorthand in their query letters. Lots of folks, regardless of age, have the same errors as those appearing above, too.

To be completely honest, when I see a query like this, I instantly envision all of the edits I will need to do on the article. No matter how good the idea is, I really don’t have the time to correct dozens or hundreds of errors in an article written by someone like this. It appears this email was sent from a cell phone.

The answer is very simple. Use correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. If you do, editors who are interested in your article ideas will respond.

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