Paying for Press Releases = Throwing Your Money Away?

Paying for Press Releases = Throwing Your Money Away?

Hi Angela!

I have a children’s book ready to publish. Do you offer press releases and, if so, what is the cost?

Thank you so much!

New Children’s Author

Dear New Children’s Author,

There are lots of publishers (and other firms) that will gladly and greedily ask you to plunk down a lot of money to create and distribute a press release (that they know will likely cost you more than any resulting book sales). Many of them boast “email lists” of thousands. Of course, sending out a press release via email to a large list will result in spam filters kicking in and blacklisting by ISPs. And, if a firm is sending out lots of press releases that way, you can bet many recipients not only delete them unread, but personally blocked that spammer’s email as well. And, yes, many people believe that sending out unsolicited marketing emails en masse like that (even disguised as a press release) IS spam! Authors should not risk their reputations by being involved in those types of activities.

At and, we do not offer in-house press release services because we know that, unless an author is a celebrity, traditional press releases usually don’t sell many, if any, books. We instead provide our authors with a free copy of 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online.

If you must send out a press release, you should disguise it as a new artcle. If you want to learn how to do that, see: Press Releases Are Boring – News is Not

Incidentally, at, we offer color-interior publishing of children’s books in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.

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Information on, and prices for, our color-interior program are HERE.

Information on our black-and-white-interior programs are HERE.

– Angela