Online Writing Guilds For Youth Writers

Dear Angela,

I’m one of your subscribers, and one of your numerous fans. I love the stories you tell about your kids–and the way you tell them!

I’m also the executive director of Pegasus Writers Guild, an online organization of professional freelance writers of non-fiction.

A gentleman who is trying to reinforce his daughter’s interest in writing has asked me if I know of any online writing guilds for youth writers. All I could suggest was that you had something to do with and I would see what else I could find out. I also mentioned he should to be on the lookout for a possible response from you. I’m forwarding your latest e-newsletter to him to give him a jump-start of sorts.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks so much for the warm fuzzies!

I did find a few places for young writers online that provide
support and communities.

The Young Writers Club

Young Writer On-Line (this one’s in print and is in the UK)

Stone Soup Magazine – written by young writers
(you can see their market listing here:

Young Writers Workshop

You can find many other resources by typing “young writers” into your favorite search engine. They’re out there and they’re all happy to have new members!