No, Traditional Publishers Will NOT Wait For You to Get Out of a Long-Term Contract!


I am really interested in using to print my soon to be finished manuscript. I like everything you offer. I just wanted to verify something just in case as I am always one to prepare for the best to happen!

If I list my book with you and my marketing efforts help the book sales take off, and sell lots of copies, and if a larger publisher approaches me, can I switch to them? Basically I just wanted to ensure I would have this option if all goes well like I anticipate.

I am not an egomaniac, either. Just a positive thinker so I would be very easy to work with! 🙂

Thank you,

Sadly, some POD publishers lock authors into contracts that are difficult to get out of. One POD publisher that pretends to be a traditional publisher now charges authors $99 to get out of their contracts! If you are offered a contract by a large, traditional publisher, along with a generous advance, they aren’t going to want to wait for you to get out of a contract with another company. They’re going to move onto the next author whose book they can get to market as soon as possible. And, you should certainly NEVER be charged to get out of a contract with a POD publisher!

At, we only ask for non-exclusive rights and you can cancel at anytime, even same-day. One of our authors was recently offered a $20K advance by major New York City publisher. I referred him to my literary agent, who then landed him an even higher amount from another traditional publisher. At, don’t earn anything at all when this happens to an author but we are always very happy for the author when it does!

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