“I need my old book, published under my real name, removed from the Internet completely but it’s not happening! What can I do?”

“I need my old book, published under my real name, removed from the Internet completely but it’s not happening! What can I do?”

Q – 

Dear Angela,

I self-published a book a few years ago with (a large print-on-demand publisher) for global distribution. It is on Amazon, Ebay, and Google Books. However, I newly recreated the book under a pen name, and asked my publisher to have these big guys take it down completely, but to no avail. It is very important that my old (original) name not be associated with my pen name. If there is anything you can do or advice you can give? I truly appreciate it.


A – 

I have received many emails like this over the years. Some authors regret using their real names in books they published long ago. The reasons range from legal issues (potential libel problems), to professional predicaments (books on politics and other sensitive topics, for example, can lead to job-search problems later), to embarrassment if it’s later discovered that the book contains numerous errors.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t remove old book pages because they allow people/firms to sell used copies of books on their site. Other sites do this as well. You can contact Amazon and other sites to request they remove it but they might refuse. To see most or all of the sites on which your book appears, use your favorite search engine to look for the ISBN. That’s more effective than searching for the title.


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