“I need a GOOD editor for my autobiography! Where can I find one?!”

“I need a GOOD editor for my autobiography! Where can I find one?!”

Q –

I want somebody to edit/polish my autobiography to ensure that the reader does not lose interest. My current goal is to distribute it to friends and relatives. My children like the content as it involves severe hardships, remarkable successes, lessons learned and lot of other information of interest to them. What is typical hourly rate for this type of work and what is your best guess for total editing cost? How do I find a person to do this job?

– L.D.

A –

You can see a current list of freelance editors we recommend RIGHT HERE.

Also at that link is a list of freelance illustrators, publicists, and translators!

If you send your manuscript to each of them, they will be happy to give you a quote. 🙂



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  1. Lynn Assimacopoulos  September 28, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    My son does a lot of freelance editing and writing and is extremely good with words…..he has done this for college professors, doctors, students, etc. To see about him go to paulassimacopoulos.com