My Publisher Wants All Rights to My Edited Manuscript….THAT I’LL BE PAYING THEM TO EDIT!

My Publisher Wants All Rights to My Edited Manuscript….THAT I’LL BE PAYING THEM TO EDIT!

Can you send me the list of freelance book editors you recommend? My publisher’s contract says if I pay them to edit my book, they’ll then own the rights to that version of my manuscript. No way!!!

Even if you don’t use to publish your book, don’t pay another POD publisher to edit your book. No other publisher will tell you this but almost every POD publisher that offers editing services then claims all rights to the edited file (the production file). Read more about that below. BookLocker authors own all rights to their production files.


We do not earn any referral fees, or anything whatsoever, for referring you to these editors/book doctors.

WARNING: There is no licensing agency for editors and there are many online now who are NOT professional editors. We receive complaints almost daily from authors who hired an editor they found online, and then found even more errors in their “edited” book. (This even happens with editors who work for some POD publishers!) References can be easily manufactured so you should only hire an editor who’s done a good job for an author or publisher you know.

NOTE: Many POD publishers now claim ownership of edited manuscripts (what they call the production files) even though authors paid THEM to edit their books. We call this a “forced marriage” because it makes it almost impossible for an author to move to another publisher someday, even if they are unhappy with their current publisher. We strongly recommend NOT paying a publisher to edit your manuscript. Freelance editors don’t try to claim ownership of an author’s files.

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