My Publisher Refuses to Pay My Royalties!

My Publisher Refuses to Pay My Royalties!

Hi Angela,

(My publisher) in New Mexico has not issued me a royalty check for more than two years because, as they have told me, they have “OTHER VENDORS” to pay. (They are) a POD publisher and our contract states they will pay royalties every six months. However, since the amount they owe me is small, approximately $86, I am sure they just have me on the back burner. The two books I had published by them are on and with local distributors. Is there anything I can do to get direct payment from Amazon?

Any suggestions you can offer will be appreciated.


Since they have the contract with Amazon, not you, Amazon won’t divert payments to a third party. If I were you, I’d terminate my contract, and move my book elsewhere. They’re clearly having financial problems, are in blatant violation of their own contract, and don’t value their authors enough to pay them what’s due.


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