My local bookstore won’t order my book because Amazon published it!

My local bookstore won’t order my book because Amazon published it!

Angela: I appreciate all of the information you provide, and I wish I had found you before completing my book. I am quite pleased with the cover design, the layout, and the professional editing, but I probably could have saved some money if I had worked with you.

My question revolves around using Amazon KDP. Because I didn’t actually know what I was doing, I just sent my book to Amazon and selected both ebook and paperback. I would like to have the book be available to be sold by our local, independent, non-profit bookstore but they refuse to deal with books that are on Amazon.

Do you have any suggestions?



Many bookstores (and even some libraries) refuse to order books that were PUBLISHED by Amazon KDP. They will order books published by others that are for sale on Amazon (though they will order from the publisher; not from Amazon).

I recommend terminating your print edition with Amazon, and publishing it through another company. Then, you won’t be “guilty by association” because Amazon published your book. Amazon KDP will publish pretty much anything and everything. The Amazon KDP catalog is full of really awful books. Also, there are lots of complaints about their printing quality online.

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