“My Co-author STOLE My Work! What Can I Do?!”

“My Co-author STOLE My Work! What Can I Do?!”

Q –


Several years ago, I co-authored a book with someone. The copyright was in my name but I didn’t register it. I co-authored several other publications with this person as well.

Two years ago, my former co-author and someone else attempted to “re-write” the original book when I refused to give them permission to do a new edition of it because they wanted to copyright it, but not under my name. I had a massive falling out with this person, and long story short, I quit speaking to them after a court case (about something else) ended.

The new edition of the book still contains major swaths of my work. They pulled my name off of it, and put in someone else’s. They stole my work. What would be your advice on where to start with this issue?

A –

I recommend hiring an attorney well-versed in copyright law. Be sure to hire one near you, or in the state where your former co-author lives.

Whatever you do, don’t hire a general attorney. You don’t want to pay someone to learn copyright law as they go along.

It’s always important to have a contract between co-authors in the very beginning that spells out all the details in the future relationship so that these types of unfortunate events can potentially be avoided.


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