“My book was on Amazon last week and now I can’t find it?”

“My book was on Amazon last week and now I can’t find it?”

Q –


My book was recently published. Last week, I was able to find it by just typing the title into Amazon’s search engine. My book would typically be found on the first page along with other books that had one or two similar words. I know the book could always be found using the ISBN number. So I figured that a potential buyer would only know to put the title in the search engine. When I do this now, I don’t see it. What do you think is going on?


A –

I found your book on Amazon by searching for the ISBN (without hyphens). It popped up right on top. So, yes, your book is still for sale on Amazon. Unfortunately, your customers aren’t going to be using your ISBN to search for your book.

Amazon changes their search engine algorithms all the time to prevent people from gaming the system.

That’s why we recommend that authors do the following:

1. In your marketing materials, use a specific URL where people can click to read more about your book. That can go to your website (preferred), your publisher’s site, or even to Amazon’s (but the Amazon URL will probably be too long for email and social media marketing).

2. If you make that link go to your website, put a prominent link on your website where people can immediately buy the book (put that link at the top and bottom of that page on your site). If you want readers to buy from Amazon, link directly to your book’s page on Amazon. If you want them to buy from your publisher, link to that specific book page. If you want them to buy from you, include a link to your website’s purchase page.

With multi-millions of books for sale on Amazon, it’s very, VERY rare for a customer to stumble upon a book and buy it. Most people buying your book will be folks who hear about it through the marketing efforts of you, as well as those friends and associates that help you spread the word.



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