“Why aren’t ISBNs free in the U.S. when they ARE free in some other countries?”

“Why aren’t ISBNs free in the U.S. when they ARE free in some other countries?”

Q –

After reading your article, Who REALLY Controls That ISBN You Bought? Probably Not You!, I have a question. Because you’re the only one I’ve found who has posted something that questions the ISBN system, you’re my best hope.

Why does R.R. Bowker (the organization responsible for ISBN assignment in the USA) charge for ISBN numbers in the first place? Some ISBN registrars (for some countries) do not charge anything.


A –

R.R. Bowker charges for ISBNs (and charges way too much!) because the government lets them. I’m not a fan of R.R. Bowker. You can read my experiences with them here:

Bowker Isn’t Happy with Angela’s ISBN Article



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