I submitted my articles to (a well-known magazine) and, after repeatedly requesting payment, this is what they said:

“I had a number of issues with your articles. They need a lot of editing and rewrites before they will be ready. And until I have time to do the editing work needed, I have to put a hold on these articles.

I’m writing six articles at any given time for several magazines who are happy to pay me at 40 to 70 cents per word so I’m guessing this is just a sleaze move to not pay.

What do you think?

If it were me, I would accuse her of holding my articles hostage, and demand immediate payment. She did not reject the articles. She accepted them, but also claimed they need to be edited. Every article needs editing. You are probably correct. She appears to be using stall tactics.

Please understand that, after you call her bluff, she may then reject the articles outright. If she does, I would push her to pay anyway since she only rejected them after you complained about them withholding payment.

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