Is That Foreign Website Giving Away My Book For Free?

In Googling myself today, I ran across a website called and I see that all 10 of my books are available for free as a PDF file to anyone who wants to download them. Is this legal? This strikes me as piracy. Do I have any recourse? Should I even worry about it?


The domain is registered to an outfit in China. I went to their site and wasn’t successful downloading anything. I just got a bunch of pop-up ads and links to more of the same pages, with more ads. I don’t think they have your books at all though links may eventually lead to your free ebook excerpts already featured online on other sites.

Some sites appear to be one thing but are actually something entirely different. They’re likely earning ad revenue for all those pop-ups. Authors should be very careful when trolling these types of websites. Some have viruses.


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