Is She Ignoring Me…or What?


This may not be the correct venue, but I wanted to reach you. I followed a “market” ad from your listings,and submitted an article to a magazine. The ad stated “payment upon publication”, and the item was published. I have yet to be paid, and wonder what to do next. I wrote two “gentle” e-mails to the editor asking about payment, and suddenly no one’s home.

If someone appears to be ignoring your emails, your first assumption should be that their ISP is filtering your emails as spam. A large percentage of emails is now filtered as spam by ISPs and email is no longer a reliable form of communication for business. You should either call the editor or mail him/her a copy of your last email. Even a fax is fine. If they then don’t respond within a week or two, they may very well be a deadbeat. Follow THIS ADVICE if that is the case.