Is Blogging “Writing for Free”?


I’ve just started a blog in order to generate more link backs and traffic to my site. Some might argue that this is a form of writing for free. However, I’m doing it for myself with a specific purpose in mind and it only takes me half an hour a day.

What do you think of blogs in general and of doing it like I am, to generate traffic?

By the way, if you are interested, there is a link near the top of my site at to the blog, which will include tech tips at varying levels as well as opinions and discussion of technical stuff from the Web or perhaps some of my articles.

Best Regards,
David Geer – Your on time technology writer!

I, myself, blog, as do many other writers. Many of us use our blogs as a way to advertise our products and services. So, no, it’s not “writing for free” because, if you do it right, it brings in business.