Is a 200-page Color-Interior Print on Demand Fiction Book Reasonable? No…

I’d like to publish a 200-page, 8.5 x 11 color-interior book. Is that reasonable?

A color-interior book of that size would be too expensive to produce. While many POD publishers would love to charge you a few thousand in setup fees, they won’t tell you that the list price on that book is going to be far higher than the market will bear. breaks even on setup fees, and we earn our profits on book sales. We won’t publish a book that will need to be priced higher than almost everyone will be willing to pay and, unlike some of our competitors, we aren’t going to try to trick you into paying thousands for something that just isn’t going to sell. Period.

We do publish beautiful color-interior books, but only those of reasonable salability.

If there is any way at all you can publish your book as black-and-white-interior (with a full-color cover, of course), we’ll be happy to take a look. The setup/design fees will be significantly lower and the list price will be as well. We don’t charge extra for graphics in black-and-white-interior print books. (And, we’re not sure why our competitors do!)

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