If I have a book series, do you advise publishing all the books at once?

If I have a book series, do you advise publishing all the books at once?

I already finished my book series. Should I publish them all at once, or one at a time?


If you’ve finished writing and editing all of them, yes, I recommend publishing them all at once. People hate to have to wait for another book in a series and, if the next book in a series comes out months (or even years) later, you won’t be able to contact all of the previous buyers.

If you publish all the books at once, you can put ads for all of the other books in the series in the back of each book. That way, everybody reading the books will know about the rest of the series, and can immediately purchase those.

Even better, if you are advertising the series, and if all of the books are already available, many people will go ahead and buy the entire series so they won’t have to wait after finishing the first book.

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