I Need My High-Resolution Files From My Pod Publisher!

I’ve written you before but I still have questions. My first book was published by (another POD publisher) and I’m not quite satisfied with some of the services I received for the price I paid. The experience has left me a little insecure and hesitant to try another publisher. One service they provided that was helpful in promoting the book were postcards and bookmarks. I haven’t read anything about your company providing them. Do you? If not, will the individual who’ll be designing the cover provide me with something I can take to a copier?

Unlike (those other guys), at Booklocker.com we happily provide authors with copies of their 300 dpi covers and also their interior files. Why should another company claim ownership of files YOU paid them to create? It’s deplorable!

We do not upsell authors on postcards, etc. You can purchase very reasonably priced bookmarks and more from: https://www.printingforless.com.