How Should I Handle Fan Mail?

What is the best way to handle fan mail? Should I reply and thank them for their support? Or should I accept it and forget it? I really would appreciate some feedback.


I know it sometimes feels “weird” when a new author starts to receive fan mail. Do you write back and thank them? Do you just assume that they assume you won’t respond? What should you do?

Years ago, famous authors had their staff distribute autographed photos to fans. And, well, while most of us aren’t quite to that point yet (ha ha), we can do even better.

The absolutel best and most cost-effective way for new authors to market their books is via the Internet. Whether blogging, or publishing an ezine, or participating in online discussions, or contributing articles and/or excerpts, or just including your contact information on your website, it has never been easier for readers to approach authors. And, it’s never been easier for authors to respond to readers, one-on-one! If you are gratious and reply to readers individually, answer their questions, satisfy their curiosity a bit, or just send them a friendly thanks, you can bet they’re going to tell somebody else about you and/or your book.

So, yes, you should absolutely write back to your “fan!” Thanks them, ask if they have any questions, and don’t be shy about asking them to tell their friends about your book.