“How much should I pay my anthology contributors…and what rights do I need?”

“How much should I pay my anthology contributors…and what rights do I need?”

Q –

Hi Angela,

Did you pay the freelance writers who contributed their query letters to your book, “QUERY LETTERS THAT WORKED! Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments?” Or, did they simply give them to you?

Did they retain the rights, or transfer them to you? I ask because I am planning an anthology, using articles from other writers.

Best Regards,

– R.

A –

Hi Roy,

I paid each contributor $50 each and I also gave each one a copy of the finished print edition of the book. And, I only asked for non-exclusive rights. That means I can continue to sell the book containing their contributions but they can use/sell their work elsewhere as well.

If any of them wants to buy a copies to re-sell, they can do so at the author discount we offer to BookLocker authors. I do not earn any royalties when they do that but that’s okay because, without them, the book would not exist.

Here’s how I did it (this includes a sample contract):


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