How Much Should I Charge a Publisher to Use My Blog Posts in a Book?

How Much Should I Charge a Publisher to Use My Blog Posts in a Book?

Hi Angela

I’ve visited your site frequently in the past to learn about writers’ rights. Thank you for your work.

I’m wondering if you have ever had inquiries or questions regarding selling permissions to use blog posts in books. I’m trying to determine a fair price to charge a textbook publisher who wants non exclusive rights to reprint a portion of content in educational material for multiple years (unlimited prints and digital media).

On one hand, I say it’s just a blog snippet. On the other, I realize that they will possibly be selling hundreds of thousands of copies of the book containing my content.

Can you provide any advice or guidance on how someone should price this type of request?

Thank you,

Treat each post like an article because that’s what it is. If the “snippets” are long enough, consider them chapters. Remember, after you sell your posts to this publisher, you probably won’t be able to sell the rights to others for much money at all. Also, keep in mind that, by letting them republish your original material, they are diluting the value of the content on your own blog/website. So, remember all that in mind when determining a fair price.

If it were me, I would price each individual piece at the same price I would if I were selling all rights to a periodical. Your website/blog isn’t going to dilute the value of their book but their book will definitely affect the resale rights of your work.

Also, remember that many bloggers now compile their posts, and publish them in book format (print and ebook), earning ongoing income on those book sales. We have published a few of those at and it’s pretty easy since the content is already written.

If publishing your posts as a book is something you might consider in the future, you might want to rethink selling your work to a publisher.

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