How Much Is Too Much?

Hi Angela,

I queried the editor of (a magazine) with an article idea on spec.

He requested seeing the article. After reviewing, he stated that he
liked the article.

Per his request, I adjusted the word count from 1700 to 1050.

He asked how much I wished to be compensated for the article.

I replied that I would be happy with whatever he’s paid in the past for comparable articles.

He countered that he needed a price.

I caved in and requested $200 for the article and photos.

Communication stopped.

Would you happen to know how much this publication/website typically
pays for articles?

I’m curious if I’m way out of bounds with my request.

Thank you.


I found a market listing for them on that states that particular magazine pays $5-$25. That may or may not be accurate. If those are really their rates, they are insultingly low.

You should not have written the piece or made any changes to your on-spec piece until after payment was agreed upon, and after a contract was signed. I’m sorry this happened to you.


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