How Fast Do Ingram and Apple Pay Publishers?


How long does it take Ingram to pay POD publishers? My friend bought my book from Amazon last month and it’s still not showing up in my earnings. And, how fast is Apple paying publishers for their iBookstore sales?


Ingram pays POD publishers about four months after the fact. For example, today is November 9th. The last payment we received from Ingram at was for July sales. (This is actually lightning fast compared to the traditional publishing industry!)

At, we now offer an ePub Conversion / iBookstore Listing service to authors. Apple pays publishers around 30 days after the end of the month if their earnings are $200 or more. We are receiving monthly payments from Apple for sales and the last payment we received was for September sales on Apple’s iBookstore, which is accessible by more than 7.5 million iPad owners and more than 40 million iPhone users.

All transactions have, of course, already been credited to each author’s account.