How Fast Can You Publish My Book?


Can you publish my book immediately? My current POD publisher (one of the largest ones) is trying to get more money out of me for marketing so they are STALLING, and have been stalling for about two months now. I told them I am not giving them ONE CENT MORE!!!

At, we usually get a book to market within a month while many of the large POD publishers take four to six months. Of course, you have the option of paying them a LOT more to expedite your book…which might only bump it up to four to six weeks (some take longer, even with expediting).

Those large POD publishers take that long because most of them publish anything and everything and they have large backlogs of books to process.

We reject most manuscripts so we are able to give authors one-on-one attention in a timely manner. Books we are accepting right now WILL be published by Christmas.


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