How Do You Get Started Writing a Book?

Hello Ms. Hoy,

I have wanted to become an author for more than 20 years. This dream has always taken a backseat to everything in my life. I would like to know if you can offer me any advice on getting started.


There are numerous books on the market on how to write books. My steps for starting a book are:

  1. idea (and preliminary title)
  2. outline
  3. expanded outline
  4. begin writing process

Of course, the outline changes over time as your characters (no you!) decide where the story will go. That’s normal. And, it’s fun!

For non-fiction, the outline almost always changes, too, as more ideas swirl in your mind during the writing process.

But, before you begin, I recommend investing in several books on the book writing process. Your local bookstore and library will have plenty.

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