How Do I Subtly (and Effectively) Promote My Book When “Commenting” on Articles?

I’ve been consistently following the advice in your book, 90 DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan. I have a question about signatures. I’ve been commenting on the news and other blog sites, and typing in my “signature” – [Name, Author, Title of Book].. When I do this, do you advise to try to create a direct hyperlink to my site, or is this spamming and against guidelines? I’ve been copying/pasting a typewritten signature. I’m not sure you can even create a hyperlink in comments but some of the research says I can and it would be easier to go directly to my site if you don’t think this would red flag me on the various sites I go to.

I would avoid using a link because that will definitely look like spam. Many sites that allow comments do not allow links so adding them can lead to you being banned by those sites.

If your book title is vague, and does not explain what your book is about, you should add a very short description after it. You can even make it appear to be a subtitle so it won’t look too promotional. Here are some examples:

  • Charles Hurst, Author, THE SECOND FALL – Christ Returns for the Armageddon
  • E. W. Fleming, Author, DAKINI’S LOVER – Spiritual Awakening Through Sacred Sexuality in Tibet
  • Jack Affeldt, Author, MATSCOTUS – Murder at the Supreme Court of the United States
  • John Olson, Author, EL BERDO – Flying for a Small Airline in Belize
  • Moses Pollard, Author, BELOW TEST DEPTH – When the Bermuda Triangle Tried to Destroy a Nuclear Submarine

Most people who are interested in your book can to find it themselves quite easily, either on Amazon or their favorite search engine. Your signature only needs to pique that interest long enough to get them clicking.

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