“How do I pitch my self-published book to traditional publishers?”

“How do I pitch my self-published book to traditional publishers?”

Q –

Hello Angela,

I hope all is well.

I’m considering writing to publishers to see if they are interested in my already self-published book.

Should I be asking them if they are interested in publishing or re-publishing the book? I know they will be asking for sales figures, etc., but I just wanted to use the correct verbiage.

Many thanks,


A –

The correct term is re-publish but I recommend asking them if they’re interested in publishing an updated version of the book. And, let them know you’ll, of course, take the first one off the market.

A traditional publisher is much more apt to purchase the rights to a self-published book if it has sold several thousand copies in the past. And, if it’s an updated version of the book, all the better.


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2 Responses to "“How do I pitch my self-published book to traditional publishers?”"

  1. Cheryl  June 17, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Question regarding the removing the first book from the market. If you are selling on Amazon, as I understand, print books are never removed as they always cite “used copy” availability. I know you can stop distribution, but the listing is still there on Amazon apparently forever (which I think is completely unfair).


    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of  June 20, 2022 at 10:55 am

      If there is copyright violations, yes, Amazon must remove a product from their site.