Help! My Web Designer Registered My Domain Under HIS OWN Name!

Hi Angela,

Your articles are a never-ending source of information. Thanks for all your hard work.

This week I discovered that my web designer seems to have registered my domain name with his name and contact information. A year or two ago, I actually printed out an article you wrote on updating your domain name and making sure you were the owner of record. For the life of me, I can’t find the article now.

Can you help?

-Name not published on request

Yes, you must immediately demand your web designer change the registration records to YOU. Only your name and email should be on the record as the owner. Otherwise, he can steal your website someday, or hold it hostage for a variety of reasons. YOU own it. YOU must have control over it.

If he needs to be able to access your account for any reason, you can give him an email address and password that YOU control and that YOU can rescind or change at any time.

We once received a horror story about a woman whose boyfriend helped create her website and, when they broke up, he had all control over it so he destroyed it. She lost everything, including all her old blog posts that she hadn’t backed up.

This is the article you’re looking for:

Yes, You DO Need Your OWN Website That YOU Control!

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