Help Leaping from Newspapers to Magazines


I have been reading your newsletter on and off now for ages now and I’m always amazed at your fluid personal style, but this was absolutely the cutest thing so far…”As her emails came faster and with more anger, she stopped using any capital letters at all. Can you imagine how embarrassed she would be if I published her emails?”

Only a complete professional would couple the idea of not using capital letters and embarrassment!

I’ve gotten lots of great information over the years, and I wanted to know if you can direct me to something on your site or a writer’s forum on getting into magazines.

I’m a reporter for three local weeklies and am just starting to figure out that maybe I can rewrite some of the 600 stories I’ve written so far and break into magazine writing. Unfortunately, I’m so used to doing things the fast way, writing five or six stories each week, always in next week’s edition. I wonder if I really have the patience to send out a million queries and wait for a long response. Seems like by the time it’s over, whatever you were writing is old news. Any suggestions?

Keep up the great work, as always.

Take care,

Thanks so much for the warm fuzzies, Dianne!!

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