“Help! I’m locked out of my account in my publisher’s system!”

“Help! I’m locked out of my account in my publisher’s system!”

Q –

This is a long shot. I am due to publish the third book in my series and I cannot access my author’s account or books in (Amazon’s) KDP. My account is locked out. I have had a terrible experience and have been trying to access my books for almost a year now.

The frustration is killing me. I moved and my phone number changed so the verification code goes nowhere. They won’t verify online and I had to open a new account so they could move the books – but not any reports moved across. But now they just say my account is locked. They still have the book up for sale though on Amazon.

What can I do? Can you help?


A –

That’s just one of many problems with KDP. Others have complained about being locked out of their accounts as well. And, there are NUMEROUS other complaints posted online about Amazon KDP online as well. See just the latest batch we found in the article below. See the “related” links under this article as well.

I recommend republishing your books elsewhere.

And, Even MORE Complaints about Amazon KDP!



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