Freelance Job-Bidding Website

Can you shed any light on (a job-bidding website)?

It’s a service for freelancers in several fields. The writing jobs are incredibly low paid ($1.00 per page…$15 for a 1000-word article!).

I currently earn $100 for 250-word articles that I write bi-weekly for a company online newsletter.

What is the going rate out there for articles and editing? Maybe I’m totally spoiled?

Thank you for your time.


Every writer who writes for these types of companies is an enabler. They are enabling the proliferation of crappy companies that offer rock-bottom pay to freelancers. The only reason these companies stay in business is because so many so-called writers are willing to work for almost nothing. They obviously don’t value their work enough to demand pay that is more than a fraction of minimum wage.

Keep away from the slave wage companies. No writer should stoop to such insulting pay. If real writers stop writing for these companies, they will inevitably go out of business. That’s probably too much to hope for but if the freelancers who fall for this type of garbage work continue to produce poor quality, the clients paying these types of sites will start looking elsewhere for their workers – and paying higher rates to them, too.