Fast Article, No Specs / Get Rich Writing Schemes

~Editor Orders Fast Article But Fails To Provide Specs~

I was assigned to write an article for a publisher that I write for regularly. The editor contacted me and asked me to write an article that had a 2-week deadline. I agreed. A week went by and I heard nothing so I emailed him for more information. No response.

On Monday of the following week I emailed him again and he apologized for not getting me the information. He gave me a source name and, because he was at meetings all day, said he’d email me the focus/direction of the article by the following morning. Well, guess what? He never did.

Yesterday I sent him another email and then contacted the source to find out the most convenient time to speak with him but told her I was waiting for additional information from my editor as far as focus so I could ask her the appropriate questions.

Tomorrow is supposedly the deadline for this article. I can’t proceed with the interview until I know what I should be asking. Any suggestions? In my 18 years writing experience, I’ve never missed a deadline but this is getting crazy. Do I let him know that it’s almost impossible at this point to get this in on time without any more information?

This situation was not your fault at all. He missed the deadline. You didn’t. I would put it to rest. Email him and tell him since you never heard from him, you can’t write the article.

Tell him you hope you are able to work with him in the future, but that you must have at least a month (or whatever your time-frame is) after all the assignment specs are received in order to product a quality article for their publication.

~Those Get-Rich-Quick Copywriting Schemes~

I feel like I know you, having read your articles weekly for the past two years. Obviously, you don’t know me. However, you might recall me as the ‘naive’ writer who signed up with three companies to do ‘academic’ writing, and was taken for a ride? Anyways, I am writing today to ask you a question and to seek advice.

I have a question regarding books and advertised materials regarding copywriting as a profession. According to the advertisements, one can make a lot of money quickly and easily by writing letters or other info. for companies. For medium to large sums of money, one can pay to obtain information on how to do this work. First, is this true about copywriting? Second, can one easily break in? Third, is there a particular course or book on it, which doesn’t cost a fortune, is readily available, and provides accurate info?


I would never recommend those “get-rich-quick-copywriting” books and courses. There are some on the market that are grossly overpriced and use pages and pages of marketing materials to try to lure you in (which remind me of thinly veiled get-rich-quick schemes). Anything that looks too good to be true…well, you know.

If you truly want to learn about the craft, find a good, reasonably priced copywriting book on (read the reviews posted there). Any reputable author or publisher won’t try to gouge you on the price of their product.