Editor’s Procrastination Shouldn’t Be Your Problem

Hi Angela,

What do you do with difficult editors? I just ran into two situations with two different editors that have set my teeth on edge. It’s one of these situations where their procrastination becomes my problem. Essentially, I messed up by agreeing to do an article with a very short deadline, but I did let the editor know that I was concerned about my interviewees not cooperating with me in such a short time period. Then, the sources, which the editor provided me, either felt that they couldn’t help me or they never returned my phone calls or emails. Meanwhile, I asked the editor a question about an email interview (out of five people that I needed to contact for this article), when she informed me that she wanted me to hold phone interviews. She didn’t want any email interviews. What a laugh! My deadline was a week away with these deadbeat sources, which the editor assured me wanted to be interviewed. Now, she wanted me to hold phone interviews