“Will you please write a blurb for my book…even though you’ve never read it?”

“Will you please write a blurb for my book…even though you’ve never read it?”

Q –  (unedited, of course) –

Hi Angela! 

Sorry to bother you. I need something from you…could you please write a short blurb for my forthcoming book – (title removed). A paragraph of the blurb will be written by (a journalist), another paragraph has been written by (a geographer) and i would appreciate if you jot down a blurb for my book.

A –

I do not know you. I have never read your book. Why would I put my name on a promotional statement for a book I have never read? Furthermore, I do not review books, and never have. Please do the honorable and ethical thing by only requesting blurbs from people who have agreed to read your book, and then to write about it. Do not request free blurbs from people who do not know you and who have never read your book. And, don’t expect people to buy a copy if you’re seeking promotional blurbs. You should send these folks free copies in exchange for the time and effort they’ll need to expend to assist you with your marketing activities.

When I receive requests like this, I know that the blurbs about the book are fake. And, of course, I would never buy and read a book with fake blurbs. Sending out an email like this can greatly harm the reputations of you and your publisher, as well as those who have written fake blurbs about your book.
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2 Responses to "“Will you please write a blurb for my book…even though you’ve never read it?”"

  1. woodrow Wilson  January 5, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Too many of the books I’ve read lately have little or no relation to their blurbs.

  2. pamelaallegretto  January 5, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    I had an author ask me if I would allow him to put my name on a blurb that he wrote! Say what?!


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