Does Copyright Infringment Affect Resale Value? Heck, Yeah!

Great advice for the writer whose work appeared on a free article website under someone else’s name. I just have a quick question about it.

Does that affect the writer’s ability to sell the article? Can first, electronic or first print rights in a regional area or second North American rights, or whatever, still be sold by the author when those rights have already been illegally used. Do you tell an editor that the story has already appeared on the web when trying to resell the article? Does the $750 give all rights to the website?

If someone steals your article and posts it online, it absolutely affects the resale value. You can never again offer first publication rights, or even second rights (if you’ve already sold first rights). That’s why it’s imperative you invoice copyright infringers for the unauthorized publication of your copyrighted work. Through their actions, they have very likely eliminated any chance of you reselling the article.

And, no, making them pay you for their illegal actions does NOT mean you have to give them all rights to your article.