Do NOT Pay Someone to Review Your Book!

I’m continuing to do research on publishing companies and associated problems. I came upon the subject of Kirkus Reviews. I didn’t find a reference to them on your website, so I’m asking you about them. Is a Kirkus Review worth anything? From what I understand, the author pays for the review and if he doesn’t like it, the review doesn’t get posted, but he’s still out the money. Even if their review is positive, does it have any value? Thanks for you time.

There are POD publishers who are trying to get authors to pay for Kirkus reviews, as well as other pay-for-review services. What you may not realize is that these publishers are getting some of the money you’re paying for these reviews. Sound fishy? Yeah, I think so, too.

We, too, could upsell authors on Kirkus Reviews, but we don’t do business that way. Paying someone for a book review instantly makes the review biased (not credible) to anyone who’s in the know.

I would never, ever, ever pay someone to review my book because my credibility would be in question from then on. You don’t want to risk your reputation by paying for something that you would never want to tell anyone you paid for! Ug!

If you want a book review, send your book to a real reviewer. Even asking fellow writers to read your book and write a review is far preferable financially, and less embarrasing, than paying someone to review your book.

Remember, lots of POD publishers are upselling authors on all kinds of useless marketing products and services. They make some of these products/services look like something you can’t live without. Hogwash. They have good writers working on their marketing materials and they’re just trying to get more of your money.