Do *Not* Edit A Chapter As A “Test!”

Hello Angela,

My friend recommended I contact you. I found a freelance copyediting position (online). I emailed them expressing interest and with some questions about the company and they emailed me back with a sample chapter to edit. All of that is fine. But…

They are a new company, they claim. They didn’t answer any of my questions. I don’t know what the pay rate would be. They don’t have a website, but submissions guidelines are online with an address. When I called information to get a phone number, so I could find out some more about this company before I did any “test” or free editing, the operator didn’t have any company listed.

I’m a little nervous to say the least. I would greatly appreciate you help.

Thank you so much in advance.


Run, J.!!!

This company is very likely sending a different “test chapter” to everyone who responded. By the time everybody takes the “test”, the entire book will be edited and they will no longer need to hire anyone. This is a very common online scam.

Taking a test, the same test everybody else takes, is one thing. Editing an entire chapter of a book for free should raise huge red flags.