Do I Need Permission To Quote Others In My Book?

Do I Need Permission To Quote Others In My Book?

Hi Angela,

A friend referred me to you. I have written a non-fiction book and I am shopping around for publishers. Before it goes to print, I want to make sure that I have crossed all of my “T”s.

If I reference a book and/or the authors of that book, do I have to get written permission from them? Is it enough just to list them in my reference section?

Thanks so much for your assistance in advance!


I am not an attorney and this is not legally advice. For specific questions about copyright law, see the link below, or contact your attorney.

Under fair use, you can quote a book (to a certain extent) or a person provided you don’t quote them out of context, of course. You should definitely give them credit them in the book. You can read more about fair use HERE.

And, read more about “How to Cite Direct Quotations” HERE.

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