Consolidating Issues of Your Magazine/Newsletter Into a Print on Demand Book!

Consolidating Issues of Your Magazine/Newsletter Into a Print on Demand Book!

Q – 

Hello Angela,

I publish an online travel magazine, averaging about 25-30 pages an issue. It is published as a PDF file online, but some readers have expressed an interest in getting a printed version. Do you know of any POD publishers that might be able to do this for a reasonable cost to my readers?

Thank you,


A – 

Hi Carma,

You would need to pay a new setup fee each time you wanted to print a new issue. It would be far cheaper to just have each monthly issue printed at a local office supply store.

But, at the end of the year, you might want to consider publishing an entire year’s worth of material as a book using print on demand publishing. You could then continue to offer an entire year’s worth of material (and publish a brand new “edition” each year), for years to come (a new book each year). Each annual edition need never go out of print! You could even use these annual publications to attract new readers to your current periodical.

If you use BookLocker to publish your annuals, we’ll get them listed on,,, BooksAMillion, and numerous other online retailers around the world. And, if you want us to publish ebook editions, those will be for sale on,, Apple, Kobo, Overdrive, and Google Play.

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