“$6,000 to get published AND they’re taking 80% of my sales? What?! Can you help me, please?”

“$6,000 to get published AND they’re taking 80% of my sales? What?! Can you help me, please?”

Q –


Euphoria had placed me on cloud nine when (a large vanity publisher) replied to my manuscript saying, “We feel
like your book is going to make our company more successful. Welcome to the (name removed) team. Your book has been accepted for publication.”

They assigned me an individual who sent me a full contract to sign. But, after thorough investigation, they would keep 80% of all sales, risk no money, and I had to pay over $6,000 up front just to get the ball rolling!

The book will sell, but I can’t cough up those figures and receive only 20%. Can you help me, please?


A –

Yes, (that vanity publisher) is one of the most expensive ones out there.

We updated the P.O.D Price Comparison chart just last week. See:

BookLocker’s At Your Service Package is only $875 and WritersWeekly readers can use this discount code to get $150 off: WritersWeeklyReader

That is for black-and-white-interior book. Please contact me if you need a quote for a color-interior book.

Authors who want to bypass BookLocker’s formal submission process, can email their manuscript to me RIGHT HERE for review. Or, they can send some writing samples if they don’t have it all in one document yet or if the
file has lots of photos, and is very large.

Don’t worry about formatting at this point. We just need to see the text. I usually respond within two business
days to manuscripts. If your book is accepted, I’ll be the one working with you one-on-one throughout the entire publishing process so you don’t have to worry about being assigned to a “customer service” rep. I am the co-owner of the company and I am at your service.



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