Can Your Put My Ebook in the Apple iBookstore? Yes!

Hi Angela,

I want my ebook listed in Apple’s iBookstore but the ePub file conversion and submission process looks really confusing. Is anyone offering a service to help people with the process?

Janet is under contract Apple. For authors who’ve signed up for our ePub Conversion / iBookstore Listing Service, we are selling ebooks through Apple’s iBookstore. The epub conversions can be pretty hairy, however, and some firms are charging upwards of hundreds of dollars for that service alone.

Our ePub Conversion / iBookstore Listing Service costs a flat fee of $99 for books with regular formatting (books with few photos, graphs, charts, etc.). Authors of books with more complex formatting are referred to another service for a quote and we then list the finished ePub version of the ebook on and in the iBookstore when it’s complete. We also assign a ISBN to each ebook that is registered for this service.

Apple has already sold 4 million iPads (just since the beginning of April) and there are more than 50 million iPhone owners. All can download the iBookstore application and buy ebooks from Apple for both devices. Owners of both devices can also buy and read ebooks from directly.

We have three iPads in the office already and we and the children enjoy reading books on them. iPads are far more versatile than the Kindle and the Nook…and extremely addictive to boot.

You can read more about our ePub Conversion / iBookstore Listing service here: